5 Social Media Mistakes

If there’s one thing marketers need to avoid in online marketing, it’s committing too many social media mistakes. Yes, social media’s corporate world may still be in its early stages of development but it’s important to keep a professional image at all times.

Creating a proper social media personality for your brand is very important to be successful in the online business, but most of the time, there are a lot of different points that you hear from different sources. It makes things hard for business owners to decide which ones are worth listening to and which are not. Most of the time, this indecisiveness will lead to mistakes that can cost your online credibility. So, it’s a good thing we’ve compiled a list of five pieces of advice that you need to follow to have a relatively smooth entry in social media.

Sharing Too Much Personal Information is a BIG Social Media Mistake

Yes, humanizing your business’ social media accounts to make them more accessible to your followers is advisable because it gives your pages a light-hearted tone to them, and generally, pages that have a sense of personal touch seem to get a bigger following in social media. It’s really a great idea for the most part but sometimes, people tend to forget the boundaries that they can cross when it comes to what they post online. Remember that keeping a professional image is still your top priority when handling your company’s media presence. Avoid posting updates that give too much personal information to your demographic. Keep the phrase “Think before you post” in your head at all times. Makes sure that your updates will be something your company will be okay with sharing.

Choosing Not to Interact with your Demographic is another Social Media Mistake

Remember that you’re in the corporate world of social media. It’s a business built on your credibility as a service provider. The kinds of business can vary from, but not restricted to the giving of goods, products, labor, and services. Take note of that last one. Yup, that’s right. I said services. Answering questions, providing information and the like is considered a form of service. Trust can be built through good will, and you can create good will by interacting with your followers. Interacting with your followers gives them the affirmation that you’re there for their needs. If you choose to ignore your following’s inquiries and refuse to interact with them, you’re digging your company’s grave.

Ignoring Criticism is a Social Media Mistake

If I haven’t emphasized it enough in paragraph above, interacting with your followers is a must if you want your business to flourish, even if it means you have to face some negative comments from them. Nobody’s perfect. Remember that. When your followers point out something negative or if they have constructive criticisms for your company, it’s best you listen and respond as open-mindedly and respectfully as possible. They’re just trying to help your business out by speaking their minds. Sure, it may not be in the way you imagined it, but hey, if it means keeping your followers happy, why be arrogant about it?

Install the Best Web Based Security System you can Find

Getting your company’s website hacked is one of the scariest, and most devastating things that can happen to it, no matter how long you’ve been in the business. Remember that your company’s security is one of your top priorities. You can lose a lot of money by getting hacked and getting your pages suspended by the social media platforms you’re using. Make sure that you keep your password safe and secure by changing it weekly and keeping alphanumeric in nature.

Create your Own Content

 I cannot stress this enough. Content is king in the corporate social media world, and if you can’t create your own, don’t even bother. Originality sells big time because nobody really wants to see something they’ve already seen before from another brand’s page. It’s okay to rehash some materials from other sites from time to time but always keep in mind that striking a good balance between original content and rehashed content is key to making material your own. If done right, your page’s traffic will increase, you’ll be able to reach new followers, and you’ll be able to establish your brand as one of the trustworthy one in the industry.

Sure, mistakes part of life; their part of everything worth undertaking, actually. The social media marketing world is tough, and it’s all about how hard you can bounce back from the tough times that will determine whether you succeed or not. Just remember to avoid as many social media mistakes as you can to avoid some serious company growing pains.

Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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